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of FPV

The world has a new esport: the eDrone Racing.
Discover EreaDrone, the most polyvalent drone racing simulator ever made. Race now against other pilots, freestyle in huge environments, compare yourself to others with challenges, and create amazing tracks and maps!

3 Drones

The best eDrone experience

EreaDrone has been thought to be the best FPV drone simulator while being easy to use. The simulator has been developed by pilots, but not only for pilots! For players too.

Play, race and freestyle with your friends, all around the world! Create multiplayer lobbies, or join them, and fly up to 8 pilots simultaneously with 4 spectators!

Beginner or experienced real FPV drone pilot? Looking for realism? With our collaboration with the ISAE-ENSMA (French national superior school of mechanic and aerotechnics), try out our realistic physics: you will not even notice you are in a simulator!

Fly in 16 different environments! Meadow, carpark, suburb, contruction site, stadium, school, mountains, and many more to come! Some of them being up to 5km wide, you will never get bored in these environments!

With the map editor, create maps and tracks of all kinds, for freestyle and racing! Share them easily with other players with one click! Your imagination is the limit.


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