More Languages, Better Multiplayer

Dive into EreaDrone's latest update! Enjoy 11 added languages, revamped multiplayer, and new features like Elo ratings and the 'Void' environment for limitless creativity.

- Published the February 10, 2024 12:49 PM, last update the February 10, 2024 12:51 PM

Dear EreaDrone Community,

Exciting news for our community: ”EreaDrone 2023” has officially been renamed to “EreaDrone” to better reflect our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and updates throughout the year and beyond.

We’re thrilled to share our latest update, designed to enhance your flight experience with new features, improvements, and fixes.

What’s New:

  • Revamped Multiplayer System: Behind the scenes, we’ve entirely redeveloped the multiplayer infrastructure to ensure smoother, more reliable connections—improvements you’ll feel even if you don’t see them.
  • New Languages: Enjoy the simulator in additional languages, including Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.
  • HUD Enhancements: Easily toggle your flight HUD with ‘H’. Plus, a new HUD crosshair improves targeting and flying precision.
  • Elo Ratings Enhance Multiplayer: Elevate your competition with Elo ratings, now tracked in multiplayer sessions. This update brings a dynamic way to measure and display your flying prowess, adding depth to every match.
  • Optimizations for Smoother Play: Experience less stutter during key moments like joining games or finishing laps.
  • ’Void’ Environment: ‘Void’ is like the ‘Flat’ environment but has no ground. It’s perfect for map creators who want to build anything they can think of, with total freedom.
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve eliminated invisible collision issues with trees, among other minor improvements such as the issue where rate profile selections weren’t saved, requiring reselection at each game launch..
  • Improved Race Experience: The live race ranking system has been enhanced for a more competitive environment.
  • Leaderboard Insights: View used drone profiles on the website’s leaderboard for better competition analysis.
  • Server Region Expansion (In Progress): We’re working on introducing server regions, beginning with Europe, with the potential for Asia and America in the future.

This update also includes various other optimizations and minor fixes aimed at refining your experience with EreaDrone.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Warm regards,

The EreaDrone 2023 Team